Leading the Organization

Effective leaders are also fluent in their industry’s mechanics.  In other words, you need to deeply understand what makes credit unions unique and have multi-dimensional perspectives on your business.  We even focus on issues like functional management, vendor management, and the management of the Board of Directors.

In addition, you’ll learn how to focus energy on changing the business for the better.  How to be action-oriented and decisive, recognizing and accepting the appropriate risks, and how to think systematically and strategically. You’ll focus on change management – both in identifying the need and sparking change, as well as leading the change in a way that inspires commitment from the organization. We’ll also focus on setting effective strategy, establishing vision and goals, and we’ll introduce a helpful tool call the strategy map.

Finally, and critically, you’ll understand the need for establishing a leadership pipeline inside your organization.  A systematic approach to continual development of your talent that will help your credit union thrive in this volatile business environment.